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Website Hosting Packages

All YorkshireNet hosting packages include webspace, useful web tools, a domain name and e-mail. Options include database hosting, secure servers for e-commerce, and extra domains or websites. You can use the Domain Search to check domain availability for ordering as part of your package.

The YorkshireNet Hosting Packageincludes hosting on fast servers with webspace, domain name and e-mail.. Options for WordPress and SQL, The package includes online administration with a password protected login and useful web tools.

Price: £90 per year plus VAT
Community Groups Special Price: £60 per year plus VAT

The YorkshireNet Database Package is an extra for the Hosting Package, and adds SQL database hosting. This is essential for e-commerce websites built around SQL databases, and for the increasing number of websites where content is database driven.

Price: £30 per year plus VAT

The YorkshireNet Secure Server Package adds a secure website facility. This is essential for any website where money is taken. A separate Third Party Transaction Provider facility is required for taking money online. YorkshireNet can assist with arrangements for this.

Own Secure Server (secure.yourdomain): £60 per year plus VAT

Many businesses register Additional Domains to protect their company name on the web. These can be set to divert mail or web to the main domain.

Additional Domain Hosting: £20 per year plus VAT

Use the Domain Search opposite to find the domain name of your choice, and contact YorkshireNet on 01756 794488 to order.